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Knowledge management

SenseViewertm technology lies within the field of "knowledge management", a popular but for the most part only vaguely understood area of computer application development.

Knowledge management includes a wide spectrum of activities.

For SenseViewertm technology, what is important, first of all, is the experience of developing categories that formalize the description of a given subject matter.

The principle of direct access to knowledge

Paper-based documents give only sequential access to information: in order to find a needed fragment of information, it is necessary to look consecutively over one document after another from beginning to end.

Computer-based documents hitherto could be searched with direct access, not to knowledge, but to the specified keywords. Word-based searches give direct access only to raw materials (word-based search results), which themselves have to be sequentially scanned in order to find meaningful information (knowledge). Even when the needed information is definitely within a database, there is no guarantee that a word-based search will find it -- not even in a multi-stage procedure, as long as only a limited number of steps is allowed for finding it.

Current computer applications using meta-information restrict the search to the intended and specified meaning of words.

SenseViewertm technology is oriented to providing the next stage of development: direct, not sequential, access to knowledge; i.e. creating an instrument with whose help it is possible, starting with a given document, to pose some natural questions and get direct access to the related information, without receiving irrelevant data.