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Why Cogitum Co-Citer?

When surfing the Internet, you can run across a lot of interesting text—breaking news, aphorisms, jokes, quotations, and so on. You may want to store some of this information so that you can revisit it later. Unfortunately, there is no convenient standard for storing this kind of information. Your only options are to bookmark the Web page, save the Web page (HTML file) at your computer, or cut-and-paste the text into another application for storage. A primary drawback of these options is that they do not provide any way to organize or manage the information.

Fortunately, Cogitum LC has developed a revolutionary technology - Cogitum Co-Citer - for storing texts and fragments of texts from the Internet. It allows you not only save texts at your computer but organize them with a very convenient way, creating and managing folders and subfolders. In other words, now you can create collections of texts. The program will automatically detect the Internet location of the text, its title, and the date of adding to the collection. You can also assign your own comments to the texts. Due to the storing the Internet address where the text has been found you can always follow to this Web page with one click.

Cogitum Co-Citer also lets you send text collections by e-mail, export to HTML, transfer to another computer, search, print, and more!

Flexibility, functionality, and ease of use all make Cogitum Co-Citer a valuable tool for a variety of applications.

Collecting Breaking News

If you don't have time to read the news immediately, you can select a text or a fragment of the text, put it into the collection, and come back to it later. You can even create special folders for the news agencies and assign descriptive comments. You can store the complete text of articles, text fragments, or maybe even just the headlines. Because Cogitum Co-Citer stores the Internet address where the text was found, you can easily link back to the full news story at any time.

Collecting Aphorisms

If you find an expression you want to remember (or return to), store it using Cogitum Co-Citer! For instance, you can create folders for aphorisms according to authors, subjects, or Internet source. Cogitum Co-Citer gives you get a convenient way to store and manage information that might otherwise be difficult or impossible to find again.

Conducting a Research

Research usually involves a lot of reading. Use Cogitum Co-Citer as a tool for creating a syllabus of texts you read. Because the program allows you to create and manage folders, you can create special folders or subfolders according to the source, author, or point of view. You can also send collected texts by e-mail, for example, to share your work with somebody.